What are the Major Types of Yoga?

What are the Major Types of Yoga?

Sivananda Yoga

This yoga style is a very traditional one that includes 12 main postures, meditation, pranayama and mantra chanting. The basis of the teachings of the Sivananda centers is based on the following 5 principles;

  • Appropriate exercises (asana)
  • Correct breath (pranayama)
  • Deep relaxation (savasana)
  • Healthy eating (vegetarian)
  • Positive thinking and meditation (vedanta&dhyana)


It was developed by TKV Desikachar, son of Sri Krishnamacharya, the yoga teacher of those who founded Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga. Desikachar studied for more than 30 years with his father, one of the most recognized contemporary yogis.

It is characterized by the integration of movement with the breath, and by personalized teaching adapted to each individual. This yoga is very complete and it also includes meditation and study of traditional texts.

Prenatal Yoga

It is designed to meet the specific needs of the pregnant woman. The teacher chooses certain exercises, postural and respiratory, to prepare the body and mind for the delivery of baby. In addition, it will help the woman overcome the difficulties of pregnancy.

Bikram Yoga

Through the practice of Bikram yoga, you will achieve a healthy body, which is the basis for a mind in peace and the fulfillment you have sought. Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute series conceived by Bikram Choudhury that consists of developing 26 Hatha Yoga postures and two breathing exercises, in a room with a temperature of 40ºC and regulated humidity. It is a logical, practical and scientifically proven yoga series.

There are no levels, as it is an initial series that anyone can do. You can practice all together in the same room, regardless of age, gender or physical condition. The challenge is with yourself, regardless of your level of experience. Your progress will depend on the effort and dedication you dedicate to your practice.

Bikram Choudhury developed this series as a way to cure as many people as possible. He selected these 26 postures from the traditional Hatha Yoga because they are indispensable to work your entire body systematically, benefiting each organ. The order of the postures and the duration are designed to warm, stretch and strengthen each part of your body in the order to obtain the maximum benefit.

Each position is repeated twice, in the first, you explore and feel your body and in the second you go deeper with greater confidence, managing to expand your own limits. It will help you maintain optimal health and maximum function of each system of your body.


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