What are the Most Recommended Restaurants on International Tours?

What are the Most Recommended Restaurants on International Tours?

Bongos Cuban Cafe

This Cuban restaurant is a good choice for the whole family. Set in Vizcaya Bay, you have a spectacular view of the Bayside Fireworks. The restaurant offers two dining options. There is live band after 12 for the elderly and you can dance outside and inside.


This is a real Sushi restaurant, not the ones invented. Without much pretense, here you can see the Japanese families eating and the cooks coming out of other sushi restaurants, reveling. They know where to go and recognize theirs. If you decide to sit in the bar, which is not a bad alternative, you can see the chef making the elaborately decorated dishes with care. On a board, they put the best fish of the day and mark the price per pound. It is open until 3 am which is exceptional for Miami.


It is one of the best restaurants of Japanese food with Peruvian feeling; it is directed by chef Mitsuharu Tsumura. The menu is characterized by Peruvian products fused with the Japanese tradition, featuring excellent Nikkei and Japanese food. Diners can feel a great sensation on the palate. Its highlights include the miso-paiche marinated in miso sauce, nikkei strip roast, usuzukuri, the northern tiradito and its delicious ceviches.

Wa Lok

This is one of the most outstanding Chinese restaurants, offering a varied menu. Its founding chef is Alan Chang. The place offers dishes of Cantonese cuisine fused with Peruvian food. Therefore, you can see the unique flavors that distinguish the primordial preparation of their dishes. Among their meals are Peking duck (whole), baked pigeon, fish, lomito with vegetables, Kau choy cao and others.

The City Grill

It is a genuine South African steak house. At The City Grill, you can satisfy your carnivore hunger with their finest cuisine with the spectacular taste. The restaurant is decorated exceptionally with sophistication. Once you have had a dining experience at this place, it will be a forever memory for you and this is why it is among one of the top restaurants in Dubai.

Costanera 700

It is an emblematic restaurant of Nikkei food. The place was founded by Humberto Sato. He is a pioneer in fusing Japanese culinary techniques with Peruvian ingredients. When you try their dishes, you can feel the mixture of unmistakable flavors. The restaurant offers a variety of entrees, rice dishes, sweets, soups, meats, fish and desserts and pastas. Among its specialties is the cebiche a la coastal, crab claw and mixed sashimi.


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