What is a Brazilian Hair Weave?

What is a Brazilian Hair Weave?

These are weaves that come straight from Brazil and anyone can wear them. They look good on the regular woman, to the superstar artists, all the way to the fashionista walking in a show in Paris. You just don’t think that you cannot have the best of what life has to offer, certainly not when it comes to weaves. Today, we have been blessed with talented stylists and companies that provide the best quality of hair weaves. If you have a desire to change your look or simply improve on your current look, then why not just do it with Brazilian weave straight or curly style since you only live once!

The current texture or natural texture of your hair may be an issue when getting your new Brazilian weave sewn in. This is something you have to go over with your stylist. If you do not have a regular stylist, the best advice I can give you is to drive by a few different salons and ask the stylists on call if you can chat with them for a few minutes.

You have to tell them that you are going to have a brand new human hair weave put in and ask them for advice on what you should do. Ask them if they have any suggestions on how you should prepare your hair before you have anything done to it. Whoever answers your questions the best, make that person your new stylist. Of course, ask to see examples of the past weaves they have done. Most of the stylists carry a portfolio of them with photos of their best work.

Due to the fact that the Brazilian weave is so high quality and hard to find, it is usually snapped up by big money studios that provide to A-list stylists. The type of stylists that work on Hollywood sets or on music videos. A lot of the time, the hair weave extensions you see on your favorite celebrities is indeed from Brazil.

A big problem now is that Brazilian companies are misrepresenting what they are selling. They will market a product as ‘Brazilian Weave’ when in fact the hair is imported from an Indian or Asian country and then processed with chemicals in Brazil to look more wavy and slick. This is surely very unethical practice, but it does exist, so you have to be very careful when you buy one. The best thing I can tell you is to do your due diligence on these companies before you place an order. You also make sure that you Google them, call them if a number exists, and cross reference exactly where they are getting the hair from. In case you have any suspicion that it is imported, then you simply do not buy from there. There are companies out there that are honest, and I am not trying to scare you off or make you extra paranoid. You just have to protect yourself and that is all I intend that you do not get cheater in the name of Brazilian weaves.


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