What Is A Super Glue And Its Uses And Benefits?

What Is A Super Glue And Its Uses And Benefits?

Super glue is one of the several names given to cyanoacrylate. It is the shortened name of the powerful and fast acting kind of glue available on the market. The super glue is just a brand of this type of glue if the name was applied to all of the quickly drying products with the immediate effect that is simply found in the sturdy industrial kinds of stores. The super glue has a lot of usages and it can even be used as a tool in the medicine field. Bear in mind that super glue should always be utilized with great carefulness for the reason that to it is very high in toxicity level.

Super glue has its origins rooted in the World War II when it was discovered by Harry Coover who worked at Eastman Kodak, a huge American firm that produced images and photographic equipment. Harry was looking for a way to make the lenses in sight of the plastic gun when he accidentally led to the creation of super glue. At that time it seemed to be useless because it joined everything. Later, instead, it was sold to the industrial markets and consumer products which we today know as super glue. It is owned today by Gary Shipko, who is the president of Super Glue International. In 1956, the glue was patented and was introduced in 1959 as the Eastman 910 adhesive.

Super glue is in a liquid form that contains thick cyanoacrylate molecules, which include oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It is methyl or ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate, and the super glue has the same characteristics. It is an acrylic resin that joins two surfaces together with incredible strength. It requires moisture to set, so you need moisture in the air around it to work, or it will be useless in a vacuum. Super glue sets in less than a minute and reaches its full strength in about two hours.

Super glue has lots of useful benefits. It is easy to shear after the adjustment has been used to temporarily attach heavy materials, industrial type and electronics. It is water resistant which makes it a favorite in mechanical works involving water. Super glue has also become a tool used in surgery because it does not damage the skin, making it easier to stick surgical wounds. Although all types of glue do the same job, there are various brands and chemical composition. Ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate glues are the super-common that are sold to consumers and are often used at school and at home. The different brands include Loctite, Gorilla and Scotch.

The Instant Glue

It is good for joining for wood, ceramics, porcelain, skin (leather), cork, rubber, metal, plastic, cardboard, nails, etc.


It is durable and fast bonding. You can buy it in liquid or gel form. It is water resistant and it is cleaned with acetone easily.


This glue is toxic and must be handled very carefully as it sticks to human skin and can be difficult to remove. It is difficult to clean and reposition once it has been applied. The children need supervision during handling of this glue. The surfaces have to fit very well, so that it adheres to them in a perfect manner.

Hot Silicone

It is used to stick paper in three-dimensional form as it adds volume. It is Paste also good for plastic, cardboard, wood, etc.


Hot silicone is a non-toxic glue and on non-porous and smooth surfaces, it is easy to clean.


It is used at a high temperature, so being in contact with the hands can cause burns. The children need supervision when they handle hot silicone. You need a silicone gun plugged into the wall to attach the gun that applies it. If you use a lot of quantity, you can deform the plastic or synthetic surfaces.

Cold silicone

It is used to stick paper, cardboard, paperboard, wood and plastic.


It dries very fast and it is not as hot as silicone, but unlike this, being cold you can use it in greater quantity without deforming the plastic because of heat.


It does not dry as fast as hot silicone.

Epoxy Glue

They come in two parts that when combined with each other, they forms a paste that over time dries quite hard. It is used to glaze crockery, glass, ceramics, PVC and the like. Some holes can be filled with it as well. By hardening it can be sanded and painted, so it is useful in forming shapes and different textures. It can also be used to make beads and form necklaces.


It is a strong glue and has resistant against water and heat.


It is toxic and flammable and it is quite hard to clean.

Super Glue

It is extremely stable and it was by chance invented in 1942 by Harry Coover.


Super glue is easy to clip after the adjustment and it is water resistant as well.


It releases high heat when it touches cotton and may cause allergy to some people with sensitivity.

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