What is a Tape Measure?

What is a Tape Measure?

A tape measure can be defined as a flexible ruler. It consist of a ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiberglass, or metal strip with linear measurement markings. It is one of the most common measuring tool. The design of a tape measure allows for a measure of great length to be easily carried in pocket or toolkit.

In the past tape measure was invented for use in tailoring or dressmaking were made from flexible cloth or plastic. Today, measuring tapes are made for sewing fiberglass, which cannot be tear or stretch easily. Measuring tapes designed for carpentry or construction often use a stiff curved metallic ribbon that can remain stiff and straight when extended.

Tape measure are used in industrial purposes and it is one of the most common and important tool as well. Tape measure is used to quantify the size of an object or the distance between objects. The most common tape measures are 12 feet, or 100 feet length. A 12-foot tape measure is handiest for consumers.  The 100-foot tape, usually of reinforced cloth, is useful for determining property boundaries and other exterior measurements. 

Tape measures are safe and easy to use. You just have to extend the tape from point to point placing the end clip at the location you want to measure from. Tape measure should be in the toolbox. It is an inexpensive and handy device that has many uses.

It is basically used for taking measurements but it’s the most widely used in one form or another. In any woodworking project there is the requirement of making and understanding measurements. Once you have decided the project you are going to build it will be necessary to measure and mark the stock to get require length and width.

If you are going to buy a tape measure from the market make sure you’re buying a good one. Many different types of retailers sell measuring tapes, depending on what the tape is being used for. Fiberglass and plastic tapes are available at sewing, fabric, and craft stores. Industrial fiberglass tapes can be bought at hardware stores, discount stores and departmental stores. Online source are a good option for the more advanced types of tape measurement devices. Tape measuring is an inexpensive device that has many uses. The choice depends on the specifics of the project at hand, and most households should have more than one kind of tape measure. It is a handy device which is very useful.


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