What is Brake Pad?

What is Brake Pad?

If your car’s brake is not working, like the way it should, you are putting yourself and your family at risk. Can you even imagine driving your car with an almost failed brake? That is some danger to take! It not only puts you to danger but also brings risk for the people walking on road. This is the major reason why checking your car brakes often is considered an important task. This ensures safety while you travel with your friends and family.

Talking about the enhancements of your brake system, it depends largely on the quality of the equipment. This includes the brake pads and other items. So how much does a brake pad actually costs you?

If we talk about the average brake pad replacement, then it does not cost much. The brake pad cost is %150 per axle. This means that the cost ranges from $100 to $300for each axle. If we look into the total brake pad replacement than it would maximum cost you $750. The price range is between $150 and $750. This includes the labor fees and the money for purchasing the car parts as well.

It is not only brake pads that are included in the brake system. Other parts are also involved in the process. If you don’t have to get the brake pad changed only and you need to have the entire system checked or repaired than your cost range can be boosted up to $1000.

A lot of people get no idea about when they need to get brake pads replaced which can be highly risky. Therefore, here I have listed few things that indicate that you need to get your brake pads replaced.

Normally brake pads last for 25,000 km 75,000 km. this till varies to how much to press the brake paddle and with how much intensity you do so. Plus no one keeps a record of the entire km they have covered over the months. Therefore, there are always some signs that let you know about replacing your brake pads.

  • The foremost sign is the sound of grinding or squeaking. If you hear this then your brake pads are nearing an end.
  • If your wheels produce a high pitch noise then you need to get your brake pads replaced.
  • If your car is leaking a dark fluid then you need to check for your brake pads.
  • If you need to push your brake pad really hard, then chances are that it has almost failed.

Never risk the life of your family and yours due to your car brakes. It is always a good idea to get them checked and replaced on time. Whatever is brake pad cost, it is not more important than your life, so replace them as soon as they are due.


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