What is Gender-Specific Treatment

What is Gender-Specific Treatment

Drug, alcohol, and other types of addiction can affect males and females equally.Nevertheless, the impact of the addiction may differ for both genders. Since the experts understand the sensitivity of this matter, they have come up with the idea of gender-specific treatments for addiction.

Yes, it is so possible that the same approach to addiction treatment may not offer the same result for both genders. It so happens that men and women possess differences in characteristics. Thus, it makes an acceptable sense that their involvement in alcohol and drugs are different. Also, bodies of both genders have certain physical, chemical, and hormonal traits that cause such different responses to treatments.

In a gender-specific treatment plan, experts design separate strategies to deal with the addiction. They address the essential difference between malesand femaleswhen it comes to treating drug and alcohol addiction.

Thus, this treatment addresses all the differences that malesand females have when they dealwith abuse of various substances. Among these differences, we can consider the rateof dependence, selection of the substance, i.e., drug or alcohol, mind’s reaction to a substance, degree of exposure, capability to break down alcohol, and pace of addiction development.

Men and women have diverse reasons for alcohol and drug use. Their different circumstances affect things like the potential for relapse. Gender-specific programs address each gender’s unique needs to ensure they are on a solid path to recovery.

Generally speaking, males and females choose different substances. In addition, they have different objectives and hopes from their addiction treatment. Due to these differences, a gender-specific treatment assists them to ensure that both genders can get exactly the type of treatment that will suit them best. In fact, gender-specific treatment offers many more advantages, such as the following ones:

  • The focused treatment plan to deal with gender-based emotive,social, and physical requirements
  • Enhanced relief by reassuring bond and belief between the patients of the same gender
  • Reduced disruptions and sexual tension
  • Caringrehabilitationcan promote candid communication about sex,culture, and social pressure concerning drug and alcohol abuse

There are certain requirements of men concerning the cure for addiction. Men usually think that going for addiction treatment portrays them as weak. Thus, they feel uncomfortable when they find female experts for treatment. In addition, they fear that they will be judged. To help them feel comfortable, gender-specific treatment is an ideal option.

In a similar way, female addicts have certain requirements when they think of getting professional help. Because of gender-specific treatment, women also find it comforting when they have to deal with their addiction problems. Since they can talk to a female expert more openly, the chances of their treatment success also increase.

If you are just delaying your addiction treatment just because of gender issues, now you know that it is not a problem anymore. When you approach a rehab facility, just let them know that you will require an expert as you will prefer gender-specific treatment. The rehab center will arrange accordingly.


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