What Is Global Leadership?

What Is Global Leadership?

A global leader must have a sound knowledge of the international political and socio-economic situation. Those who firmly dominate the cultural and economic history of different countries are more likely to succeed as global leaders than executives who do not see beyond their own company. In short, the global leader must have a sense of cultural relativity. The leader must understand that there is no single way of doing things. It is becoming increasingly clear that the integration and transfer of practices from other cultures produces a synergistic effect. To succeed, it is necessary to reason globally and act locally.

Leadership is the role of a person who stands out from the rest and is able to make wise decisions for the group, team or organization that precedes, inspiring the rest of the group to reach a common goal. It is about managing an integrated company that has presence in several countries in which there are different cultural, legal, legislative and economic systems as well as an immense sense of humility, sense of humanity and sense of humor, which are always key characteristics of the global leadership.

The best leaders are those who are visionary, able to understand the productive situations for the company before they present themselves, innovative and in favor of change.

The people who succeed in the global environment know who they are and know their roots. Because of this, they can adapt to new situations or new cultures without losing their sense of identity. The leader is someone who can have some control over other people and who has the authority to make groups act in a certain way to achieve a result hoping for, leading a personal relationship between leader and followers.

A global leader should be inspirational and have a certain strategy, being clear to where he wants to lead his followers, being flexible to changes and motivating his work group to carry out the plan for success. He must have training for growth and development in both professional and personal capacities, the latter being a priority, in two imaginary lines as vertical and horizontal respectively.

The characteristics most recognized by experts for effective global leadership are as follows;

  • Awareness
  • Energy
  • Intelligence
  • Self-confidence
  • Attitude open to novelty
  • Emotional stability
  • Relevant knowledge about specific tasks

These characteristics are visible in all leaders, global or not, but the global leaders, have specific characteristics that complement the previous ones, for example, they have ample and solid knowledge of the political, international socioeconomic situation, cultural history of different countries as we discussed before. We can say that a global leader has a sense of cultural relativity and understands that there is no single way of doing things. It is increasingly visible that the integration and transfer of practices from other cultures produces a synergetic and productive effect where it is expanded and we advance with techniques to implement in organizations.


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