What is Heart Chakra (Anahata)?

What is Heart Chakra (Anahata)?

Our fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is the center of the whole energy system and is responsible for one of the most powerful energies that operate in human beings, affection. It is the fourth chakra, also known as Anahata, where it starts to be a collective experience, as opposed to the three lower chakras which are by definition the energy centers of the ego. The lower chakras’ feeling are of separation from the world where originates the individuality. At this point, they converge and the lower three chakras which represent the material, vital and individual being, with the higher energies that give a spiritual, mental and metaphysical dimension to our being are integrated. It is in this energy wheel where a more subtle manifestation of our transcendent character is given.

Anahata chakra is significantly higher than its lower counterparts. In this sense, to move from the perception of the third chakra, the fourth chakra require profound change of worldview, the passage from fear to faith. Anahata in Sanskrit means ‘impossible to break’ or ‘which has not been hit’. Therefore, love would be a noble and powerful force that would be present constantly and unconditionally despite the injuries we have in our personal histories. It is this sacred light in every being, which is our true essence and that allows us to open our hearts in a loving and compassionate union.

The fourth chakra has the virtue of bringing joy and healing. It is located in the center of the chest, and yoga postures that involve opening it have the effect of invigorating, healing, flexibility and transcendence that bring this vibration. In turn, it is related to the colors green or pink. Green tones reconnect us with nature, they give us tranquility and correspond to vibrations of healing and regeneration. Pink is a color that arouses compassion, joy of life, tenderness and expansion. It is associated with the sense of touch with the faculty to contact with existence to touch and be touched by people who are part of one’s life, for all beings and things and the universe as a whole.

Its qualities are those of the air element, so it is light, thin, high and it fills all spaces where it has access. Similarly, the heart tends to radiate love and generosity tends to give light and happiness. Air for us is the main vehicle by which we get prana, the universal life energy. This energy is part of the eternal, infinite and transcendent in each of us. But also by the quality of air, love can let go of our contact with the earth, so it must be in tune with our lower chakras. In fact, to be on in its purest form, it must get rid of the needs of the lower chakras.

The fourth chakra is given feminine nature as it is expansive, wise, generous and universal. Its importance is that it allows us to see ourselves in existence, enabling us to embrace happiness and peace that come with reunification with the universe to be a vehicle of universal love. Although it does not give such a high form, the first expressions of this chakra give us qualities like joy of living, devotion and trust in existence, the joy of connecting with others, to feel compassion for others by sharing common, to heal and see the divinity in nature and in the entire universe human experience.

This chakra involves going one step beyond the ego issues to open unconditional surrender, accept and be enveloped by the sacred and perfect everything that exists in nature. This experience is so pleasant and so sublime that it can become a way of life that we always want to have or return.

If you really want to explore the heart chakra, yoga is the best option and source to do it.


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