What is Otoplasty?

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is a surgery for the correction of ears. It is a process to correct the multiple external deformities of the ear. The most recurrent one focuses on the ears characterized by the enhancement between ear and scalp.

The ear has a constant growth from birth to 6 to 7 years. For this reason, it is preferred to perform this surgery in this period of life as this one prevents the patient to suffer from the psychological disturbance caused by the mockery of his peers without disturbing the growth of the ear. However, it can be done in adulthood as well if not treated in the early years.

Otoplasty seeks to correct ear’s excessive projection. In general, it needs incision in ear’s back though incisions could be made in frontal part as well. It lets atrial cartilage to be exposed for applicable modification to make the comfortable incision and placement of the fixation points.

This surgery can be done with the local or general anesthesia which may last between 2 to 4 hours of the surgery. This surgery aims to change the position of the ear with respect to the skull, but it is important to leave a margin of the separation that allows the cleaning and wearing of the glasses in a comfortable manner.

Before surgery in consultation with your plastic surgeon, you are supposed to clarify all your doubts regarding the shape of your ears. The usual thing is that the ears are asymmetrical, so they will never be alike.

It is important to inform your plastic surgeon about the use of medications that you use daily or frequently such as anti-inflammatories, aspirin, naturopathic recipes, etc. and do not forget about the diseases that you recently have or influenza that may influence the procedure of this plastic surgery. In case you have decided to have this plastic surgery, it is important that you plan a time of disability in order to wear the appropriate bandages.

When you are consulting information about a specific plastic surgery procedure, it is important that you understand that the circumstances and experiences of each individual are unique, as well as how to behave in each of the tissues of the body. If you are considering a plastic surgery, ask your plastic surgeon about more particular information and what you can expect from that procedure. It is highly significant that you contact the board certified plastic surgeons Tampa Bay for reliable results.


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