What is Savasana and Its Benefits?

What is Savasana and Its Benefits?

Savasana is a major restorative posture for relaxation and the principal for practicing Yoga Nidra. Like other restorative postures, it gives us deep rest, recharge the energy body and induces relaxation that it begins to heal naturally. The nervous system goes to sleep and relaxes the mind as well. Therefore, it is beneficial to assist in the treatment of pain and therapy of some diseases.

Among its other benefits is releasing the tension in the shoulders and neck, treat fatigue, favor people with high blood pressure and cure insomnia. Savasana makes us feel good, revitalized and balanced. It is an excellent therapy for stress used as part of treatment of psychological conditions such as severe anxiety.

Its instructions look easier than they are since we are not accustomed to stillness, silence and relaxing the mind. For many it is one of the most difficult positions because it is more mental than physical. It only works if you are totally relaxed, and without moving go to another place mentally, without resistance or judgment and also sleepless. The stillness brings inner peace and so does the contrary.

It is no coincidence that the Sanskrit name is literally means corpse pose. Savasana is completely to loosen the tensions of the body and mind but being awake. Thus, we must be physically present without any tension and almost forgetting the body, but internally we keep awake and are present. The challenge is to quiet the mind, bring attention to breathing, and detach from thousands of thoughts we have per second and clinging to mind.

Relaxation requires to drop, allowing the body is fully stress-relieved with quiet mind, and at the same time preserving mindfulness. For true attention, it is a flow of state in which no voltage is present but full consciousness, and there is a sense of integration among body, mind and spirit with a transcendent reality, which is the essence of yoga.

Savasana is how we end the practice of asanas and pranayama, allowing the effects of the exercises are assimilated and that energy again settles. It is also an important time to end the practice, so that there is a gradual transition to the outside world and that the physical work we add necessary relaxation for the body to recharge.

We need at least 15 minutes of Savasana to achieve a state of relaxation deep enough to physical, mental and spiritual level. Savasana has several stages and we only reach true relaxation after several minutes. In certain traditions, it is also said to be necessary for at least five minutes of relaxation in Savasana for every 15 practice of yoga postures.

But besides this, it is a practice in itself that we can incorporate into our lives every day for 20 or 30 minutes a day as a revitalizing break. Relaxation in Savasana is a sleep where mind is as active as during waking hours for most and leaves us completely refurbished, lucid and positive and powerful.

Savasana is the happiest time of the day for most yogis. It is a very important practice of yoga as it is also a way to connect with inner state of yoga before beginning the asanas and it is the ultimate prize of a good practice. It is the time when you truly relax, ready to drop worries and tension.

Savasana is a state where energy expenditure is minimal and where the mind ceases to exhaust us with tensions and emotional ups and downs, so we allow the body to recharge, heal naturally and find perfect health.

For proper practice at a professional level of Savasana, you should get enrolled with an accredited yoga teacher training Bali.


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