What Is The Cost Of Granite Countertops?

What Is The Cost Of Granite Countertops?

Because of the high price of granite stone in the past days for a long time, the granite kitchen countertops were affordable for only the wealthy people. With the rise of popularity of kitchen remodeling and considering the fact that personal incomes arose in the last decades, it is no surprise that granite countertops have become available to a wider population now.

It is nothing unusual with the fact that more and more people, while decorating their kitchens, consider putting granite countertops into them. The granite-made countertops preserve their value, as opposed to many elements that deteriorate in the kitchen through the years and must be replaced accordingly. If you are considering how to add your home both increased value and great look, you should certainly consider granite countertops. Moreover, all the real estate agents agree that it is much easier to sell the houses where granite countertops are installed in the kitchens and they should stay clean.

Without considering the installation cost, a granite countertop might cost you around 50 to 100 US dollars per square foot. Some low priced granites can also be purchased at even 30 US dollars per square foot. However, the main cost does lies not in the granite only but in the installation and transportation of the substance as well.

During fabrication and installation, the price of the countertop is affected by the number of cuts the stone has to go through in the whole process. Thus, one must make it a point to discuss the plans of the countertop setup before the installation or the fabrication begins. Moreover, there is a lot of waste involved in this process. About three square feet of waste is accumulated during the complete process. However, the exact quantity varies according to the length of the countertop. One must plan beforehand so as to reduce the waste to a minimum extent, as the owner of the countertop pays for the waste.

It is quite an easy task to purchase a granite countertop at a reasonable price. One should make sure that the supplier is reliable and the total installation is properly handled by the professionals. Choosing the best granite that is cost effective is one of the biggest steps, but proper installation is a must, otherwise the whole setup would become very inefficient and at the same time extremely costly. The cleaning of granite stone is also very easy and the best granite cleaners are available at Review Gurus.


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