What is the Procedure of Facelift?

What is the Procedure of Facelift?

Over time and the change in the quality of the skin i.e. the reduction of collagen and elastin fibers, which often occur due to the lack of care or high solar exposures, can lead not only to the photoaging of the skin but also to the appearance of ‘bags’ on the lower eyelid or ‘fall’ of the upper eyelids, mandibular margin or neck. Unfortunately when any of such things happen, the only solution we have is to lift it, hence, the term facelift was coined.

The facelift can be done exclusively at the neck level for cervical lift, half face (minilifting), at the level of eyelids (blepharoplasty) or the whole face for the complete facelift.

Today, there is the possibility of offering facelift with minimal incisions only around the ears which allow to dissimulate the procedure in a much better way.

Under the advice of the plastic surgeon, it is actually the patient who will decide which part is most affected and together with the specialist you will choose the most appropriate anesthesia, local with sedation or general, and recovery time, the outpatient or with one day of hospitalization for your particular case.

Facelift without Surgery (Laser facelifting)

Today, we can achieve an improvement of the aged facial appearance without surgery by means of the facial resurfacing with iPixel Fractionated Carbon Dioxide Laser. It is highly suitable for those cases with the spots, small wrinkles, skin imperfection and little sagging as they will have an even better result with laser treatment than with the surgery.

The Price of Facelift Procedure

The budget of the facelift procedure will depend on the degree of the difficulty of the particular case of the patient and whether other procedures are associated at the same time. Ideally, you are supposed to get in touch with a facelift specialist and get an appointment to discuss the things in details.

Procedure and Patient Safety

All the surgical procedures are performed with local anesthesia plus deep sedation or under general anesthesia given by an accredited anesthesiologist in the clinics which have the necessary complexity to transmit tranquility to the patient, the relative and the surgical device.


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