What Makes Brazilian Weaves Better?

What Makes Brazilian Weaves Better?

There are so many options out there for women looking to get a weave or extensions these days. You have Indian Remy, Yaki, Brazilian, Virgin hair, and a host of others all to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you and which type is simply going to be the best for you?

Here is one thing you can do. You can determine what type of weave to get for your own hair texture. If your hair is straight, consider a straighter weave. If your hair is thicker and curlier, consider the Brazilian look which typically works out well. But what if you want to change your look completely? What do you do then?

You can simply use the highest quality grade of hair and customize it to your needs. In this case, of course, I am talking about getting a virgin Brazilian weave and there are many reasons why.

First of all, if you want to color your hair, it is simply going to look better with virgin hair for the reason that it is human hair. You can take your hair packs to a regular stylist to have it colored to whatever you desire and it is going to look great. Not only will it look good, it is real hair so it is going to feel so soft and give you that healthy natural shine. Many Hollywood celebrities use Brazilian weaves and you probably wouldn’t know unless they tell you.

Virgin hair lasts a long time. You can wear one weave for over three months if you wash it and take care of it in a proper manner since it is real hair and has to be maintained as such. You shouldn’t run into any shedding problems because it is real as well. You can comb it, color it, style it, and wash it in any way you see fit. If you have not at least tried going with a virgin weave, you are really doing yourself a disservice.

The interesting thing Brazilian hair weave is that it is hard to find even in Brazil. Most of the hair comes from the rural villages and country areas where people have lower income resources than those who live in a city such as Rio or Sao Palo. Therefore, it has to be imported into the city where it is sold to the local women. All of the demand from the city, plus international demand from Europe and America makes this a hot commodity and extremely hard to find.

Until then, I hope you take this information and continue your right Brazilian hair prices finding journey with caution. The most important thing is to find the best look for you. Just because someone says something is good or looks good may not mean that it is right for you. Remember that you have to be comfortable and feel good with your Brazilian hair weaves. You have to feel like you look good and make the best decisions for you and you only, and you are more than prepared to have beautiful hair and look beautiful as well.


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