What Questions should I Ask to a Tonneau Cover Company?

What Questions should I Ask to a Tonneau Cover Company?

How easy is it is remove a tonneau cover?

To remove a tonneau cover, it’s quite a simple takes to do and in fact, much quicker than installing it since there is nothing to adjust. You simply roll the cover completely back into its canister, unclamp and remove the side rails, and then remove the canister. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to perform the whole process.

I have a bed liner sprayed over my bed rails. Is this a problem?

Spray in liners work fine with a tonneau cover. You simply install it the same way you normally would, but mount the rails against the liner instead of your bed sills.

I have a plastic bedliner. Is this okay?

  • In case you have a plastic bed liner that is under the side rails, there is no problem at all. You’ll not be required to have any sort of modifications to your liner.
  • In case of tailgate protector, there is no problem. A tonneau cover works fine with all the tailgate protectors.
  • If you have an over the rail plastic bed liner, you require to make some minor modifications to your bed liner in order for a tonneau cover to work in a proper fashion. You will need to trim over the rail portion of your bedliner to make sure that the tonneau cover’s clamping brackets can mount flush against the sills, the inner rails, of your bed. This is very commonly done and helps to make sure water resistant fit. This applies to any brand, so it is not specific to any model. You do not need to modify the tailgate or front rail portion of your bed liner.

Since plastic liners are one piece, all you have to do is slide it out of your truck bed, and clamp straight edge with line where you intend to cut the liner. This should be at or below rails. Then use a fine-toothed saw or razor knife to follow along the straight-edge. You can sand down any rough edges later with some sand paper or a file. Some plastic bed liners can restrict canister. In such a case, which is very rare, all you have to do is trim liner’s front edge in order for your canister to get installed appropriately.


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