What Racing Drone To Buy To Get Started for Competitions?

What Racing Drone To Buy To Get Started for Competitions?

From time to time, these curious flying devices, called drones, are becoming very fashionable. At first, they seem simple toys for the little ones of the house, but it is precisely for the most grown ones that use them the most. Here we will talk about what drone to buy to get started.


As far as the technology is concerned, the first thing we have to think about is the money in our pocket when it comes to asking what drone to buy. Not everyone has the same budget and of course, no one would start learning to fly one of these drones by risking a significant amount of money.

If you have seen some models or visited an online store that provides them, you will have noticed that the range of prices is quite broad. We can find drones that do not reach 25 Euros to the drones that reach 3,500 Euros. In view of this, it would be logical to start with something economic and then move on to higher ranges.

With or Without Camera?

One of the things that attracts most of us to the drones is the fact that some have cameras with which we can take pictures or videos, of course, we can also find them without camera, so that their price is significantly reduced. So when it comes to thinking about which drone to buy, think about a drone with or without camera.

The possibility of being able to take aerial photographs of some landscape, inaccessible area or ourselves or friends from above, calls very much attention and is often the purpose of these drones. When we refer to photographs, we also talk about making videos while we do some activity, a situation that we want to immortalize.

However, camera’s quality will also affect the final price. We can find drones with low quality cameras with resolution of 640×480 or with 14 Megapixels, or incorporate GoPro. If we want to go a little further, we can find FPV type drones, so we can see the same thing that sees the drone in real time on our tablet or smartphone.

Remote Control

When we buy a drone, we also receive a remote control that comes with it as you will not have the drone in your hand but the remote control, the means by which you will communicate with the device and perhaps you have certain preferences on this point. When we think of which drone to buy, we will give importance to the remote control.

We can find remote controls in the style of console gamepads, with sticks, a few more functions and, in some cases, LCD screen that shows us some information of the flight during piloting.

Other drones are accompanied by remote controls in the purest style of radio control, with their flight sticks and handles and buttons for each aspect of the drone. Among these, there are with color screen that shows us in real time the same as watching the drone, giving us a first person view of the flight.

We can also find drones that do not carry any associated remote control, but are based on some application for tablet or smartphone with which we can control the drone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, having control on their screens.

And at a much higher stage, we find drones that have their own radio control station, creating their own Wi-Fi network where we can connect our smartphones or tablets, and even glasses to have an FPV view, having the feeling that you are in the drone and you are flying it.

But the most important detail from our point of view is that these remote controls offer the possibility of different types of piloting or modes. There are remote controls that offer us the possibility to start in a ‘beginner’ mode to start taking contact with the drone and then switch to a ‘professional’ mode where you can enjoy a better flight experience, including performing amazing aerobatics. These types of controls prevent us from having to change drones if we want to experiment with a more advanced level of flight.


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