What Steps Must Be Taken To List A Property?

What Steps Must Be Taken To List A Property?

The listing refers commonly to bring the property to a list of homes for sale, through a listing agreement, if an agent is known as ‘Listing Agent’. Members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) US, have a system called Multiple Listing (MLS), and all properties they sell enter the list and that is accessible to all agents belonging to the NAR, and they are about a million. That list is a powerful sales tool, but the term list is to use broadly, elsewhere it may have a different name but it is the tool which offers potential buyers a home for sale.

It all starts with a meeting between the seller and his agent takes place and the best thing is the ‘face to face’ meeting i.e. in person, there are times when that is done by phone. Before making the list you must pay attention to the following aspects.

Give general guidance seller

The agent must explain to the seller throughout the selling process. Report documents needed to complete the sale, and mortgage information and verification of support payments a day.

Investigate reasons for the sale, and legal aspects affecting, as if there are involved several owners, if there is divorce, inheritance or is ‘short sale’ which requires authorization from the bank where you have the mortgage.

Define conditions of the property sale price and what will be included in housing.

  • The agent should guide the seller about the fair value of the house and if in doubt, this should be consulted with an appraiser.
  • If the property is damaged, determine if the seller will fix, or if the buyer has to take care of the improvements.
  • Identify goods, accessories or furniture included and which are negotiable and which are not.
  • It is important to guide the seller about any aspect of ownership that affects the sale potentially.

Clarify Conditions to Show Ownership

  • The more opportunities they have to show the house freely, most potential buyers will see it.
  • If the house is inhabited, set hours and days to display.
  • Define whether or not, there will be a lock to open access to other agents.
  • You have to orient vendors or residents on the conditions that must be housing. Learn about ‘staging’ help.
  • It must be explained to the vendors how they should behave when potential buyers arrive.

Agreeing conditions for the move, if the house is occupied.

The seller must be clear about what to do when the house is sold. Knowing where you are going and be ready to move when it is agreed to be delivering housing.

Discuss contract, marketing strategies and ask the agent any questions about work style or credentialed professionals.

  • Discuss the types of listing contract and the implications and commitments of each.
  • Presenting his professional credentials and license to practice in the places that need it in the United States is necessary. Also if you belong to any professional associations like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) or another that applies to the place where the property is.
  • Report steps made to achieve sales and market use. Media ads in print or online, signs, ‘open house’ mailings among others.
  • Negotiate the commission and the buyer has understood what and when to pay.

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