What to Avoid On Steem.chat?

What to Avoid On Steem.chat?

Got exhausted of reading form different people that Steem.it is a kind of corrupt method which does not allow 99 percent of individual to make money as mega whales are the one who can only make money. No doubt, whales will earn more, however does this stop you from any earning? No! Unavoidably when you read and check the blogs of these people you will see that it is just all a few word post full of plagiarism.

What Is Quality of Post

It must be admitted, that there are few posts which will really annoy you and you will not be alone there. These are the write-ups that can be guaranteed for not doing well.

Copyright infringement

Folks, composing a post isn’t hard! There is no reason for ripping off another person’s work. In the event that you need to compose a response or remarks to some individual’s work, that is an alternate story, however essentially duplicating an article that you read at other place is inadmissible and the Steemit people should begin downvoting you as a plagiarists. Since you give a link to the source, doesn’t mean you are free. When a post is not less than half your own work you ought not expect a reward.

Video Only

I may be different from everyone else with this, however a post without a text composed and linked to a video is something I find disturbing. Take a gander at the more prominent Youtubers that post to steemit, they at any rate compose a summery or remark regarding the matter of the video.


I’ve seen this two or three times: individuals getting irritated and posting a blog about how they will stop if that they don’t get anything for the post. Folks… just getting by can be a struggle, you need to make a decent attempt for quite a while to get enduring achievement! Tossing your toys out of the pram does not help you (it really influences you to look rather dumb or childish) and it does not get you rewards you needed.

What’s objectively good post?

When you look at all successful posts in your feed, you will see a particular trend. Most probably higher paid posts have unique and well researched content, they are longer, they have pictures and they are also well written and formatted and do not have grammar and spelling errors.


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