What Type Of Hair Weaves Should You Choose!

What Type Of Hair Weaves Should You Choose!

The common hair weaves a stylist uses are usually made of synthetic hair because natural hair is more expensive and can have different lengths or colors. For women who need a quick solution for their hair problems, hair weave is the best option. For example, clip-on pieces of hair weaves are highly recommended to the women who have severely damaged hair.

We all know that certain types of hair weaving are extremely popular amongst women. But the problem is that certain styles, for example, the cornrows are very hard to take care of and can also become dangerous for your hair. This style of hair weaving puts a lot of tension on strands of hair and a lot of women who used to have cornrows soon discovered that they started losing their hair. In some cases, the users went completely bold. Because of the high tension, the strand of hair gets plucked from the root. In most women, the damage is usually located at the hairline in front of the head. To fix this, stylists add to that area a very fine mesh that fits closely to the root of the hair left. This process allows them to attach new hair weave extensions to get a more natural look. For these kinds of extreme situations, it is recommended to use only natural human hair and this will make sure that the final result looks pretty normal.

Hair weaves is a solution for such problems you have been are looking for. Today, the options regarding hair weaves extensions are endless. In any saloon you may go, a stylist will help you choose the best type and brand for you such as Malaysian weaves, Milky Way, Ombre Twotone and others. When we talk about extension types, we are actually talking about many possibilities. Here are the most appreciated styles.

Weaving tracks (cornrows) are probably the most popular ones. Women have come to appreciate them because of the fresh look they have. Cornrows consist of extensions that are braided closely to the skin of the head that are sewn on to braids made of your own natural hair. This is maybe the most practical way of working with them. Regarding you own natural hair, this method helps it regenerate much faster from chemical treatments and also hides it from indiscreet eyes.

Common hair weave is the solution for those women who have normal hair and just want something extra by adding extensions. This method resorts to weaving small fine strands consisting of extension hair with your natural hair. There are many variations for this method, and many are very popular.

One of the new hair styles that involves using hair weave extensions is called Ring-X. It was invented in the western side of the USA and it consists of hair extension strands which are equipped with small metal loops at the ends. The stylist will use for this process a special tool, which allows to attach very closely to the scalp the strands of weave extension. The final result consists of a very flat look with clips that are very well hidden.


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