Why are Android Emulators Getting Popular Day by Day?

Why are Android Emulators Getting Popular Day by Day?

You might be feeling annoyed by losing your Android cell phone in any accident, have lost it while shopping and God forbid, it might have been snatched on a road by some roadside thugs. It is more disturbing if you are addicted to playing your favorite games and using applications which you found after trying a great many of them, or it can be due to losing contacts with your friends as you are not able to use WhatsApp messenger. Android phone’s usage in our lives nowadays is not restricted only to call and text messages but it has become a great source of entertainment for most of us. If you don’t have smartphone, you can still enjoy Android stuff on your PC with Android emulators. 


The name is not unfamiliar to the Android users, as well as players loving android games. Due to its many known and unique features, the idea of this emulator is loved by most of people who have downloaded it for their PC. It is cost effective way of enjoying apps as it is free of cost, not for the limited time. You are able to play your favorite games without being worried about battery of smart phone. Battery running low is a common issue faced by players which is now solved with this emulator.


Windroy can be utilized by people who are looking for quick responses, because it is appropriate for windows7/8.1/10. Dropbox is not necessary for Windroy as it can be easily operated by the users without it. It has amazing features and works properly with windows Keneral. It is becoming more popular as players love to control android games through the keyboard rather than using touch on their cell phone.

Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin Android Player is not yet much apreciated by users of Android apps. It has awesome features with latest updated Android apps. It can be used easily by users who have Dropbox to utilize Xamarin Android Player. It can be used on different windows.

DuOS-M Android Emulator

Technology is becoming more advanced and competition is getting very tough, therefore it is not effortless to choose emulator for your PC. DuOS-M Android Emulator is prove to be trustworthy for users to utilize android applications free and this application is more compatible rather than Windroy, Bluestacks and Youwave on PC. This software can be managed on both operating systems, 32bit / 64bit windows.

You can see more of such Android emulators here to enrich your Android experience on your PC. 

Do you love playing time management games like Diner Dash and Hay Day or you are passionate towards playing endless running games like Temple Run or Despicable Me? If yes, just keep reading on. Another top category of game loved by people is hidden object games and match three games like Candy Crush Saga. Millions of new users are joining these games each day as they love concept of games and cell phone usage is increasing these days.

The fans of android game players are found globally. Most of the smartphones launched have android operating systems in them, giving them access to games, designed by professionals to run efficiently on the Android operating system. The users are able to play these games, but frequently occurring problems like heating up of the smartphone quickly and battery running out of life has made users to find some other ways to play these games.

Do you feel like downloading thousands of games available in Play Store? If you are unable to download them due to limited memory on your smartphone, or due to the fact that your phone is not supporting these games because of high system requirements. Well, forget the limited memory of our smartphone and get ready to download your much loved apps and games on your PC. Are you wondering how it is possible? Well, you can do it with android emulator.

Basically those games that you always play on your android phones can be played PC with emulators now. All you need to do is to install emulator for PC. The very next step is when you install this emulator on your PC, there are so many different options available to select. If you really think for this you have to give lots of money, you are wrong because there are many Android emulators that are free and they are not trial based, so you can use them totally free of cost; still there are many android emulators which give you purchase upgrade option.

The developers are continuously coming up with new emulators which are more compatible with different PCs to enhance playing experience. If you are looking for an android emulator, generally you will have to look for many options in search for the best one. If you are really into research, so let us tell you that you do not need to research the whole internet and invest a lot of time into it, you should consider these Android emulator available here because they have been proved beneficial and excellent in use.


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