Why Choose Richard Schooling Abroad For Your Child?

Why Choose Richard Schooling Abroad For Your Child?

The main feature of secondary schools in Great Britain, Canada, and the USA and European countries is the comprehensive development of the student. On the one hand, the goal of foreign schools is to provide a strong academic background and help students make a successful jump to higher education in the world’s top universities. On the other hand, the mission of international richard schooling is to educate a whole person, and not just to give knowledge. Teachers of foreign schools teach children to make their own decisions, to be responsible for their actions, to work in a team, to speak to the public.

Intensive study of English

Students are around the clock in an English-speaking society: they study in English, communicate with students from other countries of the world and teachers.


Teachers of foreign schools do not scold for mistakes, because mistakes are a valuable experience that you can and should learn from. Friendly relations with teachers and the manifestation of tolerance between students create a comfortable atmosphere in the school.

Priority is the interests of the student

Teachers unobtrusively guide each student to unlock their potential, search for new hobbies. In international schools, they support the manifestation of creative thinking and individuality, and also help their further development.

Comprehensive development

In international schools, students not only learn, but also develop comprehensively. Sports, competitions, music, theater, extra-curricular activities, hobby groups are available for students.


Graduates of international schools have a high level of English and academic knowledge. Therefore, they have a higher chance of entering the world’s top universities, compared to Ukrainian students.

Personal development

Schoolchildren develop openness, friendliness and tolerance from the first days in every international school. This helps them get rid of complexes, reveal their inner potentials and talents.


Studying at a richard schooling, the child becomes more responsible and disciplined, learns to make the right and balanced decisions, on which his further studies depend.

Formation of new values

Studying at a school abroad, a student improves academic knowledge, develops personally, and discovers new types of activities, while constantly being in a multicultural environment. All these factors influence the formation of the character, leadership skills and new life values โ€‹โ€‹of the child.


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