Why is Hermes Birkin the First Choice of Women?

Why is Hermes Birkin the First Choice of Women?

The Birkin Bags are a wide range of individual accessory for luggage or a tote by Hermès that are high quality in handmade leather and named after performing artist and vocalist Jane Birkin. The costs of these bags range starting from £7,500 to £100,000 (US$11,550 to US$150,000). Costs heighten as indicated by the kind of calfskin and if intriguing skins were utilized.

Sizes of Birkin

Birkin tote is sold in various sizes. They might be made to are with various client picked colors, shades, hides, and equipment apparatuses. There is other individual alternatives and option, for example, jewel encrusting.

Sizes vary from 25-, 30-, 35-, to 40-centimeters, with voyaging bags of 50-and 55-centimeters. It likewise arrives in a variety of hues, for example, black, brown, powder blue, red, golden tan, navy blue, white, olive green, orange  and pink.

Lock and Key

Usually, these bags have a lock along with the keys. The keys are encased in a leather lanyard called the crochet, held by circling it through a handle. The bag is bolted by closing top buckle over the loop, wrapping the clasp straps, or shutting the lock on the front. Bolts and keys are number-coded. Early locks just bore one single number on the base of the lock. In later years, Hermès has included the second number under the Hermes stamp of a lock. The numbers for these locks might be the same for several locks, as they are bunch numbers in which the locks were made.

The metallic equipment (keys, the lock clasp equipment, base studs) are plated with palladium or gold to anticipate discoloring. Equipment is redesigned frequently to keep up the quality accessible in the business at the time of creation. The metal lock might be secured with the leather as a custom alternative. Specifying with jewels as diamonds is another custom option.

Birkins or different Hermès tote might be made by autonomous artisans for “individual use”, however just once every year. Each bag bears the stamp of the artisan who made it. These distinguishing pieces of proof change generally, yet are not distinctive for each pack made. Discovering stamps of more than one artisan on a bag happens in light of the fact that the stamp is not a serial reference. Text styles and the request of stamping may shift, contingent upon the artisans. The Birkin pack might be recognized from the comparable Hermès Kelly purse by the quantity of its handles. The single-handle tote is the Kelly, yet the Hermes Birkin has two handles.

If a person wants to get noticed and be the center in style and class the Hermes Brikin bags are best of choice. With the wide variety of choices in bags Hermes produces every color of bags with attractive colors that matches your choice and gives quality like never before. With beautiful structures to designing and colorful themes to highest in the quality gives a total relief in terms of fashion to a person. These standard of quality is set by Hermes and people now rely on such brands only.


To sum it up, maintaining the Hermes Brikin bags require a lot of care and consciousness with some knowledge of the material used because it helps to take care of the bags easily without any disaster. In this way you can make the bag last for more than the expected time span. People might think that it is such a hassle to maintain such bags but it is totally worth the effort. This is because you spend a heavy amount on it and then it gets ruined is totally a waste of money. So one must keep these bags in a good condition as these are the only bags to be taken where you need to put yourself as a style icon.

Quality Bags

Hermes did justice in creating quality bags to maintain their standard. As it is a challenging job to make an expensive bag look expensive so they set standards for manufacturing the unique designs and quality throughout. When we talk about simple leather Hermes bags, it still gives a feeling of luxury which cannot be denied as they use fine materials with best quality. They are famous for their out class structure and fine quality because they believe that one gets what they pay for.

Hermes Brikin bags have their own unique way and tradition in creating marketing their bags around the world. They have highly qualified artists and craftsman that distinguishes t hem from others and are up to the mark. They are provided with training and skills to produce the master pieces in the market.

Even Celebrities Love Them

Celebrities pay full for these Hermes bags and are their loyal customers as they know that the bags they carry will make them stand out in public and they will be recognized and considered a symbol of style and glamour. The Brikin bags are as luxurious as some of them are made from semi-precious stones and diamonds that only some people can afford but it is worth the money. The glittering shine in them makes you feel on the sky and a great number of confidence occurs within you.  Hermes bags are close to perfection and I personally recommend these bags if you are looking for a quality and at the same time diversity of style and colors giving comfort in carrying them with you. Hermes Brikin bags are a complete package to give you comfort in all aspects.


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