Why Is It Important To Have A Child Restraint System?

Why Is It Important To Have A Child Restraint System?

Do we want our kids to go safe in the car, or just go? This is a question that perhaps many parents did not pay attention to until they had to respond to the legislation on behalf of all and it became mandatory the use of child restraint fitting systems, or the baby seats in the cars.

And it was that in the past many things were done, and you could have many bad habits, by ignorance or because for years that security did not seem to matter too much. Consider for example that not so many years ago that seat belts were not mandatory in the certain places, or that the use of the belt on all types of roads became mandatory or that safety improvement systems such as the airbag were generalized.

Nowadays, in an advanced country, with a health system of great coverage and latest technologies, the statistics of infant mortality is very low. It is very unlikely that a child will die from illness. Thus, the first cause of child mortality is traffic accidents.

And because a child is not an adult, not by size, weight or stature, much less by development and physical endurance, the safety belt of a car, designed for an elderly, does not fit a baby. And as it turns out that what kills most babies is car accidents, there is nothing to discuss that has risen the need of baby seats in the car.

Of course, what we are going to do, they cost money, and it is true that they imply an important payout depending on the type of seat, its benefits, and its design. No one said that having a baby seat is cheap. The point is that if we have it, we adults are responsible for 100% of that baby’s well-being, safety, health and so many other things.

Child restraint fitting system is not all the same. It happens as with everything. Being essentially the same, there are those that can offer more or less security, because their engineering is more or less elaborate, because they include more or less functions or possibilities of adaptation, because some materials or others are used, or because their design is more or less elaborate and the fact that they are more or less pretty, but it does not what really matters, it is rather the protective value of the child restraint system for babies.


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