Why Should You Purchase The New iPhone X?

Why Should You Purchase The New iPhone X?

As iPhone X was launched in the market3 months back, we are here to help you out whether you should buy the new iPhone X. it is just a step ahead of its companion versions. Right now, you are thinking why you should purchase iPhone X and we are here to help you figure out why this one will be the one you have been looking for until now.

It’s just screen. No bumps or angles, the screen flows over the sides forming one continuous screen experience for you. That’s the Infinity Display in its full glory for you to enjoy. The screen merges into an aluminum shell which does not hinder the glass display. There is no better looking phone out there, we reckon.

Color Range

Once you are over the awe of the magnificent display, Apple has kept your color preferences in mind as well.

Photographic Dream

For all the photo obsessed people out there, Samsung S8 Plus might be the answer to all your prayers. Boasting a 12 MP rear camera and an 8 MP front camera; the new Samsung S8 Plus will not miss any detail and capture your best memories whether it’s night or day.

Keeping An Eye Out

With the world lingering on finger impression unlock, iPhone Xhas gone the extra mile to develop the latest way to unlock your phone. You have seen it in the movies and now you will be using it on this phone, the ‘iris scanning’. That’s right. Not the whole retina but just the irises of your eyes which are unique to you like a fingerprint.The phone will unlock after scanning your iris. That does not mean that the face recognition is no longer existent. It is very much in play.

Waterproof Use

The new iPhone Xis capable of operating in water. Apple assures its customers that this model has an IP68-rated performance which allows it to function in most climatic conditions including water and dust. So you don’t have to leave out your phone away in rain.

It’s A Virtual Experience

iPhone Xis opening you to a whole new virtual experience. iPhone Xis your complete virtual partner in the digital world.


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