You Must Know About Wentworth Property Management

You Must Know About Wentworth Property Management

Wentworth Property Management is a full-service property management firm that specializes in the management of residential rental properties. With offices located in the greater Seattle area, Wentworth Property Management has been providing exceptional service to property owners and tenants since 1985.

At Wentworth Property Management, our team of experienced professionals offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you own a single rental property or a portfolio of rental homes, our team of experts can take care of all your property management needs. From marketing and advertising to tenant screening and rent collection, our team provides exceptional service to ensure the success of your investments.

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At Wentworth Property Management, we understand that our clients need reliable and consistent service. That is why we provide an extensive selection of services and use the most up-to-date tools and technologies to ensure the smooth operation of your rental properties. Our team is committed to responding quickly to all inquiries and resolving any issues that may arise.

We also understand the importance of tenant satisfaction. That is why we strive to provide a safe, comfortable and affordable living environment for our tenants. We offer a comprehensive selection of rental properties and provide a wide range of services to ensure that our tenants have the best possible experience.

Tenant screening

Tenant screening is the process of evaluating potential tenants for rental properties. This can include checking credit and criminal history, verifying employment and income, and contacting previous landlords for references. The goal of tenant screening is to identify any potential issues that may make a tenant a high risk for not paying rent or causing damage to the property. Landlords use this information to make informed decisions about who to rent to and to set appropriate rental terms. Tenant screening is a legal process, but landlords must comply with federal, state and local laws, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Rental properties

Rental properties are real estate properties that are leased or rented to tenants for residential or commercial use. Residential rental properties can include apartments, houses, duplexes, and townhouses. Commercial rental properties can include office buildings, retail spaces, and warehouses. Landlords are responsible for maintaining the property, collecting rent, and addressing any repairs or issues that arise. Tenants are responsible for paying rent, following the terms of the lease, and taking care of the property. Rental properties can generate income for landlords through rent payments, and can appreciate in value over time as property values increase. Some landlords manage their rental properties themselves, while others hire property management companies to handle the day-to-day responsibilities.


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