Yoga A Discipline That Makes Us Free

Yoga A Discipline That Makes Us Free

The mind of a yogi is the mind of a warrior. It is not the mind of one person or the one who has no interest in the world, or who takes refuge in spirituality to escape. Yoga encourages us to deal with our activities and aims because it believes that we have a purpose of life and its techniques help us achieve by strengthening and freeing us from limitations. Yoga gives us personal safety, persistence, spiritual precision, sharpness and it increases our memory and intellectual abilities. It makes us braver and expanded. A yogi’s mind is the most powerful tool that anyone can have.

Start your journey of yoga with its methods and its philosophy which is to have a quiet mind that can become a positive ally. Use the mind to your own growth and development, knowing its limitations. Prior to this, we are not aware and when this happens, the mind controls us, impels us with its ideas and ability to reason. But at the same time, we sabotages its inconstancy and whims with fixed beliefs, dissatisfaction and fears.

Alone it will be present and projected into the future or the past reinterpreted to no avail. And we realize we are in a tangle of fears and emotions, just by being stuck in our own head.

For this reason, freedom for yoga means strengthening our bodies to be our ally and free ourselves from our own mind. Although the world is changing, if we go beyond our physical and mental being, which is limited and finite, nothing is a threat. We are always full and happy. The world changes because it is changing but what fluctuates is our mind and from it and how we feel. Meditation is more than a practice and it is to create a space between us and our own mind. Yoga approaches with the same definition as defined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras precisely as ‘calm the fluctuations of the mind’. In that calmness, yoga recreates the silence where our mental activity does not interfere with our constitutive universal joint. Yoga is a positive discipline.

This is not to impose any radical decisions of life. The discipline of yoga is not moralistic but rather scientific. There are reasons why yogis eat a certain way, have specific ethical principles and have certain practices that we include in the word ‘yoga’.

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Everything is part of a complete system to strengthen, balance and clear our minds. And this is important to heal and balance our whole system, because yoga is union and each of our aspects are connected, and in turn, we experience the physical and metaphysical world. Everything we do in yoga seeks to transcend our finite being and connects with the transcendent. For this is the path of devotion and selfless work.

The yoga practiced in the West is the fourth way known as raja yoga, defined as the yoga of mind control. It is a scientific yoga which prescribes eight steps for the release of the mind. It is a formula that requires commitment and discipline. Yoga asanas we know is part of this and more effective in our search for the more disciplined fullness we have. It is not radicalism or denial of the world, because yoga should celebrate life and each adapts to whatever tradition to follow. One practice will be beneficial to feel better, but the union of all are more powerful to achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Yoga is not about anyone to make controvert, dissent and let be alone. The balance does not mean lack of analysis or sensitivity. It is that more and more laughter than tears, more confidence in life and greater courage to deal with the depression and fear. It is each with its level of risk, of passion and of expression with its plans and it is less vulnerable to the vagaries of world and mind, and more focused towards its realization. Contrary to what may seem like a practice of hippies, yoga is based on affection but with discipline, science and structure which bring a tradition of thousands of years.

Primary or secondary purpose, but imminently, yoga as a disciplined practice strengthens the will and that makes us strong to the contingencies of the moment, desires such as I want to eat, sleep, smoke, mood such as today I feel sick, today I am feeling laziness or I do not care. It makes us strong and makes us capable, empowering us because it helps us to believe in ourselves and in which we can achieve. This is what a yogi calls transcend the body, the most basic impulse of our belief system, simply yoga makes us free.

It frees us from the fears of the ego that naturally affects our wellbeing to our desires, judgments and attachments to be positive and safe. It allows us to accept more flow open to life and it also increases our personal power. It makes us feel always brave to develop our way with completeness, because we are not limited to our body or mind; we know we are a part of the infinite.

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