How To Relieve Stress

How To Relieve Stress

What do we feel during stress, how dangerous it is, how to relax in a matter of minutes if you have a hard day?

If you are stressed at work and have a busy day, here are five easy ways to relieve stress:

Delicious dinner

Do not be tempted to stop by fast food or the confectionery section of the supermarket, in the morning everything you eat will affect the condition of your skin. Better to prepare a healthy, low-calorie dinner. Scientists from the University of Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) have shown that the key factor in “calming” and relieving stress is the taste of food, not its calorie content. Therefore, deliciously cooked fish with vegetables will be an excellent antidepressant. For example, you can bake salmon fillets in foil with fresh asparagus. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E necessary for skin health and beauty, while asparagus is rich in fiber, which improves intestinal function.

Good movie

You can go to the movies or set up your own cinema. A quiet evening at home in the company of close friends will allow you to take off the mask of publicity and be yourself. And going to the movies is more suitable for extroverts who recharge from communication with people.

Psychologists in the United States claim that horror movies are an excellent stress reliever. Watching horror films helps to get rid of nervous tension, calm attacks of aggression and irritability. However, that such films can also heighten feelings of anxiety. So listen to yourself, what do you want more now – to spend the evening watching a romantic melodrama, an action movie or a horror movie?

Home SPA

All ingenious is simple! It’s easy to organize a hot bubble bath with candles and relaxing music this is not only pleasant, but also very useful: a hot bath helps to remove harmful substances from the body, helps to cleanse blood vessels and open capillaries. Water is an excellent conductor and helps to literally “wash away” unpleasant thoughts from yourself.

The bath can be supplemented with aromatherapy. Lavender oil lowers blood pressure, normalizes sleep, improves skin condition and relieves irritation, while peppermint oil relieves anxiety and helps to relax. A few drops of one of these oils can be added to a hot bath, aroma lamp, or even applied to your wrist.


Stretching, breathing properly and relaxing is the guaranteed minimum you will get from yoga. Correct and regular performance of yoga helps to relieve clamps in the body, relieve back pain, saturate the body with oxygen, improve mood and “switch” the brain.

Ideally, devote at least 30 minutes a day to yoga. But even if you only have 10 minutes, we recommend trying the set of exercises, which you can easily find on YouTube along with the trainer’s recommendations. After completing the exercises from this complex, lie on your back, relax, take a deep breath and exhale, lie down for 5 minutes in an absolutely relaxed state.

Time for yourself

People close to us can both increase and completely neutralize stress. If you’re not at all in the mood for talking to your family after a busy day, honestly ask them not to bother you for a few hours. During this time, you can do what you have put off for a long time: read an interesting book, go for a walk to the nearest park with or without a dog, cook something that you have never cooked. Before going to bed, you can try an exercise that helps to overcome stress

Waking up in the morning, ask yourself the question – what can please me today? The list must contain at least 5 items. And even more is better. You will be surprised when you see that most of your joy list is very easy to implement, depends only on you and does not require a serious disruption to your life schedule (for example, a glass of fresh juice, a call to a friend). This means that you will have a guaranteed wonderful day!


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