Learn How to Measure a Sofa for Proper Buying

Learn How to Measure a Sofa for Proper Buying

Here are the steps to measure a sofa property before purchasing.

How do I measure the sofa?

You will find labels of measures on furniture when buying as follows;

Width X Depth X Height (e.g. 145 x 48 x 87 cm or inches


In the case of sofas, the measures are as follows:

  • Width
  • Depth
  • Seat width
  • Seat depth
  • Height


  • Width: 227 cm
  • Depth: 95 cm
  • Seat width: 180 cm / 180 cm
  • Seat depth: 60 cm
  • Height: 83 cm

Standard measures of three-seater sofa are as follows;

90-100 cm wide x 210 cm deep x 90 cm high x 42 cm high back seat

Measure the Width of the Sofa

To measure the full width, you have to include the arms of the sofa from the sides that are wider. Do not measure the width of the seat or leg. Stand in front of the cabinet and set the widest point.

Measures Sofa’s Depth

The measures include depth from the edge of the seat to the farthest the back side. Saying, you should not rely solely on the measure taken at the height of the seat and to the bottom because the backrest can be tilted or be wider.

If you do not take this measure well, you might have a problem when placed and it may bother a door or passageway, for example. When you are furnishing a few centimeters, it can make a big difference.

The Height of Sofa

The height of the sofa is the total floor to the edge of the backrest. This is another measure to pay attention because it strongly influences the decor of your living room.

Measures Seat of Sofa

Another measure of width and depth is referred to the seat. The depth is usually about 60 cm. The width is given by the squares of the sofa. In one of three seats, it is usually 180 cm.

Other Important Measures

  • The seat height so that you make sure you find it comfortable to sit and get up.
  • The diagonal as you go from one corner of the back to a corner of the front, in an invisible straight line. This measure is important because it is the one that will serve to calculate the space you need to move, for example, through a corridor.
  • You must ensure that your sofa can enter through the door of your house, move through the halls and have room to turn, if necessary.
  • Actual measurements, three-dimensional, allow you a very close idea of ​​how much space the sofa will occupy in the target room and you can avoid mistakes that you realize when you already have sofa in your home.
  • If you want to have the size of the sofa on custom basis, it is always a good idea to go for a bespoke sofa.

Add elegance and style to your room

The Chester sofa is a classic piece in the decoration, and one that has become very popular in the recent years. With a sophisticated look, comfort and quality, this sofa is the perfect choice for your home. A benefit of this furniture is that you can use it to decorate with many different styles. Try these ideas to decorate your room using Chester sofa.

Choose an Unexpected Color

Although the most popular Chester sofa is brown, you can find this furniture in a wide range of colors. The deep blue version is elegant, but with a modern tone that looks great with wood and metals. Other colors you can find are violet, green, orange and red. If you plan to use a colorful Chester, I recommend you to choose carefully the colors in the rest of the room, ensuring that you combine rather than compete with the sofa.

Combine with White

If you prefer a contemporary look, you can combine your Chester sofa with white and gray. This is a combination preferred for family spaces because it creates open, bright and modern environments. A few pops of color are all you need to make the environment fun and friendly. Think of the colors like apple green, orange, yellow or blue. The last item you should not forget is the texture, which will give interest to the space. You can also add rugs, baskets and art on the walls with interesting frames.

Add Equal Flashy Parts

Another way you can implement a Chester sofa is creating a striking and complex space. To achieve this you need pieces that stand out. A chandelier, original art in larger versions, colorful items, metal furniture and architectural details. To prevent the space look cluttered, look for large pieces, and try to maintain a palette of color.

Create a Male Environment

The Chester sofa is also very popular in the male environments. If you are single, or you prefer a neutral and modern look, this may be your best option. You can add gray and brown pieces, along with some white to keep the space luminous. Some industrial style details also complement it such as metal accessories and a brick wall. Another idea is that instead of using a single Chester sofa, have two to create a conversation area.

Chester sofas definitely make even more beautiful sofas in your living room if you dare to try something new.


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