Use a VPN to Unblock YouTube in Your Country

Use a VPN to Unblock YouTube in Your Country

If you want to access YouTube videos without getting annoying with blockage in your country, there is no problem. Keep on reading to find out how.

There is probably no one who was not ever totally unnerved by the ever-recurring locks on YouTube. It is frequent that you see the following message when watching videos on YouTube.

“This video is not available in your country because it may contain music for which the necessary music rights have not been granted. Sorry about that.”

There are ways to bypass the lock and remove the blockage and the most common and recommended way is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Besides being able to unlock the YouTube videos, VPN offers a plenty of other great features and makes browsing more secure at a reasonable monthly fee.

When you use VPN, first you get on the encrypted server through a VPN tunnel connecting to the VPN server from the selected service as the VPN service providers have their servers around the world.

You can choose a country to which you want to run the connection with. After you do that and you go online, the VPN server replaces your IP address with the IP selected by you with foreign IP address. When you access the blocked pages or website, they become unblocked for you as your request for visiting the blocked website comes through a different place as yours and you are allowed access.

Which VPN is best suited for unlocking YouTube?

The choice of VPN providers is vast and confusing. Therefore, you need to read different reviews to decide the best one. In fact, there are services that review VPN services and make a comprehensive review about every available service for VPN covering each and every point in the review such as

Recommended Services

At present, HideMyAss is outshining other VPN companies as it offers really excellent services. HideMyAss operates with more than 700 servers in 105 countries and is always expanding its network. With HMA, not only YouTube videos, but also you can get access to many other locked websites.

Reasons to Use HideMyAss as Your VPN

If YouTube was the reason for you to take a VPN service, you will be surprised and delighted as many other advantages it has to offer. HMA VPN service provides you with following features as well;

  • Secure, encrypted and anonymous surfing
  • Security for your wireless hotspots
  • Protection against unwanted hackers
  • Bypass geoblocking
  • Fast speed
  • The use of multiple protocols
  • Safe and easy surfing on mobile smartphones
  • 91,000 different IP addresses
  • Risk-free testing with 30-day money back guarantee

When seeing the Android OS, it is more important than mobile phones. Virtual Private Network or VPN is not only for computers and laptops but also for androids. You can also go for your choice either tablets or notebooks. When it is a question of VPN of Android, you will be given needed security for getting things to do without disturbing and worrying regarding exposing your personal information. Lots of VPNs may not support phones and this is why specific option is necessary for you.

Function of VPN

A VPN makes a secure channel between device you have and the Internet. There is data passing by this tunnel and it is encrypted to prevent hackers from hacking your information. At the moment you connect to the internet, you are shown every type of security threat. A VPN is known to keep your Android secured and when you connect to VPN, you have got several choices all over the world.

Android VPN and Normal VPN

An Android VPN is also a VPN which is suitable for Android devices to power them. All VPNs are not suitable for all devices. When you pick a compatible device, you need to explore a lot and reading the review of device is better for you. It is also important to know entire about service provider according to your need.

Need of Android VPN

Your device and personal information are really secured with the help of Android VPN. When doing any online marketing, checking email, and sharing information, it is your need to go for getting service on Android.

Reliable Android VPN Providers

You are exposed two demandable service providers such as HideMyAss and IPVanish.

1 – HideMyAss

It is very popular to provide you services which are compatible for many devices, there are about 650 servers working well in 91 countries. Once you contact to them, you are free from all mobile’s security concerns. When knowing about IP addresses, here you will see 85,000. There is 30 days money back guarantee as well.

2 – IPVanish

Secondly, IPVanish is considered to be very advantageous Android tablet VPN service provider since it works in more than 50 countries and there are 135 servers. Of course, you want to have guarantee and here you are also offered guarantee. Who to rely is a big question mark! You really need to secure your tablets and others devices you own since you do not want anyone to steal your personal information. Now for this concern, there is a solid solution that is VPN for Android.


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