How Much Would You Pay For A Wallet?

How Much Would You Pay For A Wallet?

I wanted to find out how much a wallet might cost. The prices I saw were unbelievable. As part of my cultural enrichment, I visit daily a large number of websites or blogs with topics of my interest, from fashion to recipes.

Yesterday, I found a content in the category ‘fashion’ that caught my attention in particular and I think it is because it affected my stingy self, the one that prevents me from spending much on clothing and accessories. Therefore, when I read ‘the most expensive autumn wallets of 2017’, it immediately grabbed my attention.

I wanted to find out for sure how much a woman’s wallet can cost. Something morbid, no doubt, because I cannot even think I would buy them. What a surprise! I have not reached that level. The prices I saw were incredible to be believed.

One of the reasons of the whole thing is that they were very expensive wallets for the reason that most of them were exotic skin i.e. ostrich among others. That is, in addition to spending the costs of an accessory, you are responsible for killing animals in quite cruel ways just to use their skin in your wallet.

Since designers and brands know that they can put the high prices, brands do not expect the middle-class woman to save a year to spend $5000 in a wallet. Secondly, because by putting that price immediately you get the elite seal, exclusive VIP and people love to have something like that.

In 1982 Hermés launched the leather wallets, large, sturdy and for any occasion inspired by the actress Jane Birkin. Just because she was so beautiful and stylish, she used it and it became a jewel of the collection. All wanted and want to have it, so it can currently cost from 7 thousand dollars to 150 thousand dollars, depending on the material.

During 1990s and early 2000, the other big fashion companies began to take expensive wallets with their own names as well, such as The Roxanne of Mulberry, The Paddington of Chloe or the Baguette of Fendi. My advice is that first recognize that we are never going to quench, and that is our nature, but if you are thinking of investing in a luxury wallet, it is better to be a real investment which can last with good quality and should be an inherent condition of the price that goes with everything. Choose one of a model and color that allows you to take advantage of it on most occasions like Louis Vuitton wallets.


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