3 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Freelancing

3 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid When Freelancing

Freelancing has become a huge business and like all the others businesses, it has also got lots of competitions from thousands of service providers. In this business, the more successful are only those who are better than the others in providing better services at better prices. It has been seen that a large number of people make mistakes which cause them see failures towards achievement of their goals. Some of the most common mistakes are mentioned below.

Mistake # 1: Wrong Way of Communication

Communication is considered to be the most effective tool for getting projects from potential clients but now the problem is that like every other online field, freelancing has also been affected by scams and if you send lots of emails or receive emails, they will not be considered valuable and trusted sources. Therefore, rather than sending emails or using other means of irritating types of communication, it is better to talk one-to-one with your clients. It is also good to talk on the landline numbers of the clients to make sure that you are dealing with the right clients or else you might have to face great difficulty in case you don’t get the price of your services.

Mistake # 2: Say “Yes” Never Say “No”

The second mistake is that a lot of freelancers don’t say ‘NO’ to their clients and they believe that it will affect their image and when they get the work which they can’t complete within the desired duration of time, the client gets angry. It is great if you want to prove your abilities, but if you take the project which you are unable to finish in the given time, you are making a big mistake as you can’t expect from your clients to give you the project again.

Mistake # 3: Undercharging Clients

Though there is lots of competition, the clients must not be undercharged or else you will not be able to get fair price for the services you are providing. Do some research to set up a good fee charges for different types of services and be very wise in the process. If you think undercharging will help you earn more, you are wrong as you will also lower down the quality of your work which will be result into dissatisfaction of your clients and they will not be ready to become your regular clients. Undercharging or overcharging will make you lose lots of good job opportunities.


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